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Cityscape 12x14 inches (Oil)

Corrosion 1; 36X36 inches; Oil on Stretched Canvas

Corrosion 2; 14X16 inches; Oil on Canvas

Corrosion 3; 14X16 inches; Oil on Canvas

Corrosion; 14X16 inches; Oil on Canvas

Fall colors; 8X10 inches; Oil

Love Describes Teresa; 24x30 inches; Acrylic on canvas

Peeling Blooms; 36X36inches; Oil on Stretched Canvas

Snow Pines; 8X10 inches; Oil

Stability; 10X14 inches; Acrylic

Textured Marvel; 12X14 inches; Oil;

The Foothills; 24X36 inches; Acrylic on stretched canvas

The Monsoon sky; 24X30 inches; Oil