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Hello ! I am glad you’re here.

In social media platforms you can search me as Art by Shaswati
I am an artist, a wife and a mother.

I have always wanted to make things with my hand. Being surrounded with creativity and colors since childhood my journey as an artist started only in 2016 with a desire to explore my creative consciousness Color has been my everlasting joy; and the canvas with infinite possibilities as there are number of designs in nature waiting to be painted.

I paint in a representational realistic style, holding up to the impressionism in a more classical naturalist mood.



Broken Chain; 18X20 inches; framed

Aperture Mandala

Cells; 10X12 inches; Acrylic on Canvas

Conch Mandala

Dot Art

Corrosion 3; 14X16 inches; Oil on Canvas

Fall colors; 8X10 inches; Oil

Textured Marvel; 12X14 inches; Oil

The Foothills; 24X36 inches; Acrylic on stretched canvas

Dark Tree; 5X8 inches Charcoal on paper

Experience; 5X8 inches; pen on paper

Sadashivpeth; 11X13 inches, pen on paper

Thought; 5X8 inches; Charcoal on paper

Broken Chain; 18X20 inches

Hope; 8X10 inches

Pathway; 8X8 inches

Turquoise Chandelier; 8X10 inches